buttercream frosting custom cakes

Why Buttercream Frosting is Popular for Custom Cakes

At Street Sweets, it’s our pleasure to specialize in a variety of custom cakes, from birthday cakes to wedding cakes and many options in between. We offer both online ordering and delivery services, plus catering and fundraising services for those looking for help in this area.

When it comes to crafting the perfect custom cake, one of the top elements to consider when you’re ordering is the frosting used. There are several types of frosting out there, and we’re happy to prioritize whichever you choose based on your desires and any dietary needs. One of our top frosting materials used: Buttercream, which refers to a soft mixture of butter and powdered sugar. Let’s go over several areas where buttercream stands out and makes a great choice for your next cake frosting.


First and foremost, everyone wants their cake to taste great, and there are few better options here than buttercream. Buttercream is the perfect level of sweet, offering a hearty and robust flavor that’s often the key talking point for the cake.

This is in contrast to a product like fondant, which is often used as an alternative to buttercream. Fondant may actually be overly sweet for many people, turning them off to the cake – buttercream doesn’t overdo it, but is still easily rich enough for the sweet tooth folks out there.


In addition, people tend to prefer the texture of buttercream, which is know to be soft, smooth and creamy. Some buttercream options will have a very thin crusting layer, allowing for the cream to be torched without leaving a mark (this makes it easier to transport the cake without any smashing risks).

Fondant, on the other hand, tends to come with a chewy texture that many people do not enjoy. It also typically has a dry, hard outer layer that makes certain people think of items far different than frosting.

Great Pairing Capabilities

For those looking to blend their frosting in with the overall flavor profile of the cake, buttercream is a perfect choice. It can be used in a variety of ways, from peanut butter frosting to cookies and cream, mint or virtually any other sweet flavor you can think of.


Finally, for those thinking about the price tag for their custom cake, buttercream is one of the least expensive frosting options out there. This will obviously depend in some part on how elaborate and detailed the frosting design is, but it’s generally cheaper per inch than fondant or other common frosting types, even in complex designs.

For more on why buttercream is such a popular frosting option for custom cakes, or to learn about any of our donuts, baklava or other dessert café offerings, speak to the staff at Street Sweets today.