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What Sets Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Apart from Alternatives, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the numerous benefits of liquid nitrogen ice cream. Frozen at incredibly cold temperatures and made using different methods than traditional ice cream, liquid nitrogen ice cream is an option many people won’t move away from once they’ve tried it for the first time – it’s just that good.

At Street Sweets, we’re happy to provide liquid nitrogen ice cream as one of our many pastry shop desert options, which also include birthday cakes, wedding cakes and numerous other dessert café items. We offer online ordering and delivery options for all those in our area as well. Let’s go over a few additional benefits of liquid nitrogen ice cream, plus why you absolutely must try it if you never have before.

Density Differences

When it comes to ice cream, density is a positive quality. The standard ice cream you get from a corner store is generally made by a mixing machine, one that leaves the product filled with almost 50% air – and when it’s frozen, the whipping process brings even more air into the equation. This limits how much tasty ice cream the eater actually gets to consume.

With liquid nitrogen, on the other hand, hand-mixing makes for a far denser product. There is almost no extra air whipped into it, making it a richer material that is often compared to custard. The flavor is boosted, for one, and it also takes this kind of ice cream longer to melt than other types, even in high heat scenarios.


Liquid nitrogen ice cream is made to order for each individual client, meaning it’s fully customizable. Not only does this mean you get the benefit of virtually any style you want, this is also enormously beneficial for people with dietary restrictions – those with diabetes, lactose intolerance, glucose intolerance or even a desire to follow a vegan lifestyle can all find a liquid nitrogen ice cream combo that fits their needs.

Completely Safe

Due to the word “nitrogen” in the title, some first-timers may be wondering if liquid nitrogen ice cream is fully safe to consume. Simply put: Yes, it’s 100% safe. Nitrogen is completely tasteless, colorless and odorless, plus is fully non-toxic to humans. In many ways, its use in the production process for ice cream mimics that of carbon dioxide in a soda fountain – it’s not the key ingredient, just one part of the equation. There are absolutely zero direct health or safety risks associated with consuming liquid nitrogen ice cream, even if you do so regularly.

For more on the benefits of liquid nitrogen ice cream and why you simply have to try it if you haven’t already, or to learn about any of our dessert café items, speak to the staff at Street Sweets today.