liquid nitrogen ice cream

What Sets Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Apart from Alternatives, Part 1

At Street Sweets, we’re proud to serve as a pastry shop and dessert café with a diverse and interesting menu. We offer a huge range of products for in-house order or delivery, from wedding cakes and dessert pizza to baklava, donuts and waffle pops.

Another of our top sellers is liquid nitrogen ice cream, a product some aren’t completely familiar with. What makes liquid nitrogen ice cream different from other kinds of ice cream, and why do many people feel it’s far better? This two-part blog will go over everything you need to know here.

How Liquid Nitrogen and Ice Cream Combine

To understand how liquid nitrogen ice cream is made, you first need to know what liquid nitrogen is. It’s a nitrogen gas that’s kept at an extremely low temperature, with a boiling point of -320 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s commonly used in scientific experiments, sampling and as a coolant product.

Within ice cream, liquid nitrogen is added after all the traditional ingredients – cream, milk, sugar, vanilla and add-ins – are mixed. Adding the liquid nitrogen almost instantly freezes the cream and milk mixture, which prevents ice crystals from forming. As a result, you get a creamy, non-airy ice cream product that can be made extremely quickly. In fact, many liquid nitrogen ice cream locations don’t even need freezers because the product can be made to order.

So what are some of the benefits many people find in liquid nitrogen ice cream? Our subsequent sections will dig into this.

Creamier than Other Types

For starters, as we noted above, liquid nitrogen produces an incredibly creamy form of ice cream. While most other ice cream types have water crystals forming inside them from the moment they’re frozen, creating air pockets and limiting the creaminess, liquid nitrogen ice cream has no such concerns. Flash freezing eliminates or heavily reduces ice crystals, bringing you a smooth, creamy ice cream that’s consistent all the way through.


Another big calling card of liquid nitrogen ice cream is how fresh it is. Each scoop is frozen on the spot as it’s ordered, something even the highest-quality artisanal ice cream makers are unable to offer. While most ice cream stores or manufacturers have to freeze and store their products for at least a day before serving them, and often longer, liquid nitrogen ice cream can be served almost instantly. There’s a real taste difference here, too, one frequent ice cream consumers will notice right away. Just like with any other major food product, fresh is better.

For more on why liquid nitrogen ice cream is the preferable alternative to regular ice cream for many people, or to learn about any of our other pastry shop products, speak to the staff at Street Sweets today.