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Sterling Heights Best Baklava Bakery

Street Sweets specializes in traditional Mediterranean desserts, including the famous baklava. Using traditional recipes and the finest ingredients, we lovingly create the most delicious Mediterranean sweets each day, fresh for you.

Let our passion for classic Mediterranean recipes treat your taste buds. Our traditional baklava recipes come from generations of bakers all across the Mediterranean, bursting with authentic flavors. This passion has allowed us to bring this taste of the Mediterranean right to Sterling Heights, Michigan. You will taste the difference in our hand-crafted baklava varieties, made in-house with only real, fresh ingredients – no preservatives and no shortcuts.

Our welcoming staff is here to guide you in choosing the tasty middle eastern sweets you have been craving!

You can also order a taste of the Mediterranean to be delivered right to your home or office. We ship our baklava right from our order portal. Our partnerships with Door Dash and Grub Hub also make quick delivery easy and convenient. You’ll be enjoying your favorite baklava and other Mediterranean treats in no time!

Traditional Mediterranean Sweets

Our expert bakers are always churning out delectable options and expertly creating baklava. Our bakery menu is also full of traditional Mediterranean flavors and classic recipes. Select your tried and true favorite or be adventurous and try something new.

Pick an individual pastry from the case to eat now, or pick up a box to take home for the whole family. Our pastries make perfect gifts for friends, loved ones, and business associates, or for delighting the guests at your next party or celebration.

We are a locally owned and operated bakery focused on uncompromising quality and tradition. We use only the best ingredients, from fresh nuts and real butter to the finest quality dates, crafting these delectable treats in the old-world style.